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A Quick Guide to Corporate Fundraising

Corporate fundraising requires creativity and excellent time management skills. However, if all the employees will do their part and some kind of plan, you can generate sufficient amount of money for donating for charitable institutions or community outreach. Whatever is the purpose of the fundraising activity, you can make the most out of the experience by bearing in mind the following guidelines.

Determine Your Needs

Before proceeding with the activity, the first thing that you need is to determine the amount of money that you need to generate for the event. Establish a concrete and solidified goal to work with because it can affect the kind of activity that you will implement in order to achieve the goal. Likewise, this will help in the organization of the event as well as in the compilation of the necessary materials required to commence the activity.
By determining your goal for raising the funds, you can also move ahead with planning the basics.

You need to be aware of possible hidden costs that may be incurred during the activity as it can affect your goal as well as the amount needed to proceed with the venture. Hidden charges may include the cost for setting up the materials or shopping for prizes can have a bearing on the overall cost of the activity.

Making Room for Preparations

Having enough time for preparation for the fundraising event is a crucial step. Set the event at the earliest possible time so there is sufficient interval between the projected date of the event and the current date. You will need sufficient time for collection of materials, selecting assistants, and advertising the activity. Posters and advertisements in schools, church, community centers, and other venues can help in your promotional efforts as well as in ensuring that you get the maximum number of participants.

Be Optimistic

As the date of the fundraising activity draws near, it is vital to maintain the motivation of your team. Keeping your members optimistic is important as any sign of weakness or tapering off can have an impact on the outcome of the activity and may create a negative image of your company. To keep your members motivated, you can offer incentives or provide sufficient time for breaks or time off.

If the fundraising activity will require several days and requires taking orders, have a substitute team on standby in order to avoid fatigue. For best results, the taking of order should be limited to 10 to 12 days.

Communicate Clearly

In this kind of activity, communicating with your team is crucial. Make sure that the information is accurate and timely, especially between the members of your team and potential customers. Make your purpose known to potential clients. Be clear as to where the proceeds will go otherwise they might not be generous with the amount they will donate. By providing clear and concise information to your client, you will be able to generate the needed amount as well as make the entire process easy and exciting. At the same time, you will be building a good reputation for your company.

Have A Wide Range of Options

If your fundraising activity involves selling items or auctioning goods, make sure that you give potential clients a wide range of items to choose from. For family-oriented activities, selling dollhouses, rocking horse, or toys can be an excellent choice. You can also auction timesaving items or vehicles.

Corporate fundraising may require a little effort from you. In the end, however, it can be worthwhile especially if you are able to surpass the goals of the activity.


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