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A Word on Fundraising for The Church

An excellent idea for conducting fundraising for the church is to organize a yearly ‘Church Festival’ which is a combination of good food, carnival games, and family entertainment for the purpose of generating funds. This way, you will be able to get the attention of a broad range of the local population by offering something for the community.

There are various benefits that can be obtained from doing such endeavor as it could bring about a positive impression of your organization and facilities that can eventually lead to a bigger congregation. The event can also provide you with wonderful options with all the money that will be generated.

The first thing that you need to do is to make arrangements for the carnival games, inflatable amusements, live music, and other things that will be needed in the event. You can designate the major responsibilities among the members of the team to make sure that each member will not be burdened with too many responsibilities.

Solicit the help of local businesses as well as prominent members of the congregation for food products such as barbecue, shrimps, and others. By having these food donated, you can get considerable savings for the event. For the live music, you can work with a booking agent to provide you with the best talent for your event.

You can consider various activities to generate funds for an event like Church Festival. You can organize a bake sale, cake walk, selling of crafts, face painting, and others. You can organize an auction in order to obtain some income if you have goods on tap for selling. You can pack smaller items into larger gift baskets and market them as silent auction bids.

For items that have huge dollar values, you can do a live auction style and a professional auctioneer. Since people usually donate unusual and important items for charity, so announce it in advance so friends and local businesses will be informed about the activity.

In order to attract a huge audience, you can advertise the event in advance. If you have a newsletter or e-mail list, you can send reminders to your friends or loved ones so they can be reminded of the event and create a sense of anticipation. Use fliers, roadside signs, or posters to catch attention. You can tickle the curiosity of potential customers by placing carnival rides where they are visible in traffic.

Another way of advertising your fundraising event is by creating a press release and disseminating it to all newspapers, television, and radio stations. Place the newsworthy aspect of your event as headline. You can place pictures and announce the event in radio stations.

You can make the Church Festival a yearly event by making it an exciting and enjoyable activity as much as possible. Give enough time for making the activity known to the public. You can likewise provide information on how you can donate goods and services.

For safety reasons, you need to secure a contract for carnival rides and inflatable rentals. Aside from that, make arrangements for live entertainment and huge amounts of succulent food. The best time to hold these events are during weekends when people can have enough time to enjoy the day.

Fundraising for the church can be worthwhile and profitable as long as you bear in mind the tips mentioned above.


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