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Fundraising Random Tips

Fundraising as a modern form of endeavor could be considered as an “undertaking in progress”. The basics of the definition are still there: it is a process of soliciting and gathering money from individuals, businesses, foundations and agencies.

What qualifies it as a “work in progress” is the fact that there are new ways discovered regularly on how to improve the art and science of raising funds. Another is that articles on fundraising tips and guidelines are written up just as regularly.

The following is another set of useful tips for people and groups engaged in fundraising. Some of these tips are the old reliable ones mixed with some new ones worth trying.

Set your fundraising goal – how much is the total amount you need? It does not matter if you are raising funds for sports, charity, or for some other worthy causes. It is important to know exactly how much you need.

If you are not sure, estimate some higher figure. You cannot do another fundraising for an additional amount if you estimated lower.

Programs and products
Decide on the products you want to anchor your fundraising, if it is selling that you choose to be your event.

Next, check on your members. What do they like to do, what are they interested in? Will they be comfortable in selling? Are they motivated? It is said that people are excited to do business with things they are interested in.

Deadlines are important in whatever undertaking, and fundraising is one fairly serious endeavor that needs some professional touch. The deadline provides the parameter for the fundraising’s beginning and finish. Schedules and other activities are settled once deadlines are set.

People and staff
Fundraising needs people to fill in the many slots that need to be manned. Yours comprise the participants, parents probably, volunteers, and anyone else who will help. The participants need to know in advance the actual fundraising, and other nitty-gritty details.

Volunteers are the support staff that can handle some responsibilities as you see fit. Dividing roles and delegating the duties to them can ease up much of your own responsibilities, or at least lessen the scope.

Budget not only includes purchase of necessary materials (products to be sold, other paraphernalia, etc.) but also comprise those incremental expenses before, during, and after the fundraising event. These should be kept as low as possible for obvious reasons.

People have to be aware about your fundraising campaign. Advertising it has to be done well beforehand. If there are tickets to be bought, a longer lead time is needed. For easy calculation, it should be twice as long as that of simple fundraising sales.

Advertisements are more effective if supported by posters and flyers. You can ask for help from local business to have your posters in their windows and on community bulletin boards.

Don’t be shy in sending emails to all your contacts, and tell everyone everything you know about the coming fundraiser. Your local TV, radio stations, and your local newspaper can include your fundraising in their community news. Ask them.

Motivate the people
Incentives like prizes, fun activities and other rewards are great motivators for your people. They will be more excited on participating, and they will work harder. One way is to create competition among them with rewards for the highest or fastest sellers.

These are some of the tips as of the moment. As had been noted, tips and guidelines are trickling in everyday. And that’s what makes fundraising exciting. You never know what new thing is coming up next.


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