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Fundraising Sales Issues

What are we going to sell? This is typically the first question that pops up when a group wants to do a fundraising program for their organization.

Even after knowing a lot of ways on how to raise funds, the most popular by far is selling products. This is especially true in schools, church organizations, some village groups, or some fraternities or clubs.

Most of the sold products are mostly freshly-baked cookies, package candies and sweets, homemade cooked food, inspirational items and many more. These are the goods that anybody can make, but are still bought by people at a much higher price because they know the seller belongs to a group who are trying to raise funds.

Success in raising funds depends largely on the concrete answers to the following questions. They can greatly help in deciding the right product (material goods) or the right program (auction, selling, events) for the projected fundraising.

How much money do we need?

The size of the group’s needed amount decides the manner with which to conduct the fundraising. There is a need to be precise on this. If the group needs only a few hundred dollars, candies and some small items are all that are needed to sell.

For needs that reach along the thousand-dollar (or over) category, products to sell would be along the likes of slightly pricier chocolates or cookies. The product to sell is based on the size of the goal amount, not on simple random choice. It will take a big army of sellers selling low-priced candies to reach the targeted amount.

What do the group members love selling?

The success of your fundraising is dependent on your group members who do the selling. Ask them what things they enjoy selling and those they do not. If they like the product they sell, they have all the motivations needed to sell the items.

What was the previous best-seller?

This is true not just in the products sold. If a certain event was a huge success in the previous fundraising, chances are that program will still be successful. The same is true with the products sold (if the event is selling) by your group members. If the customers are buying, and the sellers enjoy selling, what reason is there to change the formula?

When is the deadline?

Or, when do we need the money? Products that need longer to sell must have a lead time of one to two weeks. It is best to use direct-sale products (cards, candies, etc.) because they don’t need pre-sale periods. If the planning had allotted enough time, a pre-sale brochure or flyer can help, as do all kinds of advertising (word of mouth, radio, newsletters, etc.)

Are our products the best?

People would be happy to help and support a worthy cause, but they are not interested in buying inferior products or those that are overpriced beyond practicality. It is good to remember that your fundraising will be repeated the next year or so, and people will remember that you sold premium products.

Is the price right?

Are you selling products only people living in Beverly Hills can afford? Is the price of your product just about right? Would the people you are selling to would understand that the slight hike of price is for a good cause?

Nowadays, fundraising had moved up to a kind of an art or scientific form that is continually being refined almost daily. The previous questions and their answers will make for a good road map for others who need to raise funds in the future.


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