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How To Conduct Church Fundraising Effectively

When it comes to the causes of the church, people are natural givers. Their tithes and offerings constitute their biblical obligation, and church members give without demanding explanations. There are times, however, that simply tithing and offering canít cover some of the churchís expenses. Other times, the church is supporting other charitable works and group of individuals that canít fit into the projected expenditures of the church. In these cases, having financial sources other than the regular tithes, offerings, and donations is necessary. To create these sources, church fundraising events get into the picture.

Unlike other groups, the church has some limitations in its fundraising options. Foremost, it has to uphold its image as a sacred organization and maintain the modesty of its activities. There is also a need to avoid any window for compromise. Therefore, church fundraisers have become more family-oriented, examples of which are sponsored dinners, carnivals, bake sales, garage sales, and concerts. There is no doubt these kinds of activities reflect the integrity of the church, but how can the church effectively utilize their potential and generate funds without the slightest hint of force?

Start by letting the members know just why there is a need for a fundraising activity. Though the church members are likely to support any fundraiser, it is still important to extensively explain to them what you are fundraising for. Is it for repairing a broken window? Is it for an upcoming church event? Does the church have a foundation that sends hundreds of young people to school? This way, the members will have a realistic perception of the churchís financial abilities and realize the need for extra funds.

When you lay down the purpose, make sure not to generate guilt. There is a very thin line between generating compassion and guilt. The goal is to let the members see the need and call them to action. Just generating guilt makes giving a little coerced.

There will always be members who wonít be able to help financially, so emphasize that sharing their time and energy is as valuable as sharing their money. Ask if they can do some of the legworks instead. Maybe they can help bake, man the garage sale, or perform in the concert. There are some other ways by which people can help, so create avenues for them.

Donít underestimate the power of reward. You can send out little gifts to volunteers who have performed well. Or maybe you can treat them all to dinner. When people are motivated, they have more energy and will to perform better. And most likely, they will volunteer again for the next fundraiser.

Encourage the whole community to get involved. People are sometimes uninterested in religious causes, but are drawn to charitable works. In this case, emphasize only the charity part and leave out everything that has to do with religion. Donít talk them into conversion, as this will only widen the gap. Instead, respect their spiritual beliefs and allow them to help as far as they can.

If you deem it fit, produce a report on how the fundraiser went. Church members will be interested to know the impact of their helps and service not only on the church but also on other beneficiaries, if there is any. If they see that their money and effort have helped the church accomplish its goal, sent children to school, or fed people, they will be more motivated to participate again in the future church fundraising activity.


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