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How To Write Fundraising Letters

Parts of your fundraising information are communicated through letters. If you make good ones, they will most likely translate to successful fundraising events. So never underestimate the power of the written words and make do with robotic fundraising letters. Keep in mind that by writing letters, you are connecting to your potential and existing donors.

There are two letters necessary in fundraising: one that is asking for help (donation request letter) and one that is expressing gratitude for the extended assistance (thank you letter). Here’s a guide to help you write both letters in an appealing and compelling manner:

Donation request letter:

1.) Make it personal and conversational. Write as if you are talking to your potential donor face-to-face. There’s no better way to bore your readers than to present your case in a contrived manner.

2.) Start with a scene. Successful letters are those that depict scenes in great detail at the beginning of the letter. If you are supporting a war-torn community, you can start by showing how the children are surviving in the area. For instance, you can write: “They are walking in groups. Some in uniform; others in tattered clothing. They have been on foot for nearly an hour. Thirty minutes more and they’ll reach the school.” Readers are used to drama, movement, and action. And while you give them that picture, you make them more involved and attached to your cause.

3.) State your case: what or who you are planning to help, how you intend to help, and why you are helping. Also, tell your readers how their donation can specifically advance the fundraising campaign goals. If their $200 can buy 15 pieces of clothing items, write it down. This way, they will know where their money would go, while getting an idea how much you need and how much they can give.

4.) Put suggested contribution amounts. Include a blank line for other options.

5.) Write a long letter. What’s good about long letters is that you can put all the details. They also allow the readers to pick up your concerns anywhere they begin reading.

6.) Include a P.S. that summarizes your whole point. Some readers will most likely skip the entire letter, but the P.S. part can cover the job.

Thank you letter:

1.) Stay away from the formal approach. Instead, be in a consistent conversational and sincere tone. Readers have a way of distinguishing a heartfelt letter from an obligatory one.

2.) Tell your readers how exactly their donations helped your cause. Write, for example, that their $150 helped pay the hospital bill of an orthopedic patient.

3.) Hand write the letters if you can. This will also make the letter more personal and warm.

4.) Suggest that you can return the favor in whatever way you can, especially if the reader is also supporting a cause. You can probably be a volunteer or can help financially as well.

5.) Make letters for everyone. This includes the donors, sponsors, volunteers, and everyone else who offered help. Not only will it make them feel appreciated, it will also make them feel good about themselves. Now, remember to send the letters promptly. In the long run, all this will result in more enthusiastic givers and helpers.

Make good use of the power of fundraising letters to support your cause. Express your mind, soul, and heart in each of them, and notice that they will produce good fruits.


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