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Learning How To Write A Fundraising Appeal Letter

You may not know it but a fundraising appeal letter is crucial to the outcome of your project. The letter should be suited to the recipient so you can raise the money required for your cause. Here are tips on how to write a fundraising appeal letter and generate the money you need for your project.

If you are writing an appeal letter to people who know you well enough, there is no need for a detailed explanation. However, if you are sending out the letter to someone who does not know you that well, detail the problem as well as the steps being undertaken to solve it.

Do not fall into the mistake of believing that you need to make your letter short so it would not be boring. The truth of the matter is you need to explain your cause in detail to get the interest of your recipient. If they are not interested with the project, your recipient may not read even one paragraph of your letter.

When writing your letter, you need to focus on only one thing and that is to make your recipient feel good once they say “yes” to your letter. This is the key to making them agree to donate and send funds to your cause.
Break down your letter into few lines in a paragraph. Leave blanks in-between each paragraph. Sub-headings can help attract the reader deeper into your message. Writing a well-read four page letter is better than a two-page letter sent to the trash.

Your appeal letter should generally consist of the following components:

1.) At the first paragraph, you need to express your appreciation for the support the recipient has given over the years. Even though they have not been donating for some time, inform your recipient that their help has gone a long way as far as helping your cause is concerned.

2.) Share success stories. Inform them about what happened to a certain family or group before and after their donation. This will make them realize the value of their help to the people your cause is helping.

3.) At the end of the letter, do not fail to ask your recipient that you require their help in the form of donations. This is a common mistake of small charities and amateurs. They write an excellent letter and provide a good outline of the benefits but end up assuming that the recipient knows that the next step is to donate cash. This is not the case all the time so you need to inform and ask your intended recipient that they need to donate.

When you are done and sent out the appeal letter, there is no feeling greater than seeing the donations come. However, after rejoicing because of the overwhelming response from your recipients, your work is only half done.

After receiving the donations, you would need to write another letter this time thanking the recipient for their donation. Inform your recipients that you have received the cash and that you greatly appreciate their help.
Finally, you need to add the name, address, telephone number, and e-mail address of your recipient in your organization’s database along with how much they donated.

Learning how to write a fundraising appeal letter can go a long way in your desire to get as many donations as possible for your cause.


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