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Make Great Profit From Candy Fundraising

Candy fundraising is a hit among kids. First, it doesn’t require a big starting capital, it is generally easy to do, sales are concluded at once, money is collected immediately, and many volunteers are unnecessary. A lot of kids are resorting more to candy fundraising than to any other type of fundraiser.

But candy fundraising’s strength as an easy and common fundraiser is also its weakness. People don’t want to be offered the same things again and again, thus the profit suffers. So, the challenge for the kids is to come up with a well thought out plan and execute everything to perfection.

What you should do
Whether you need to raise money for your team uniform or to fund a school play, the goal is to double your sales. To achieve that, here’s what you are supposed to do:

1.) Figure what you are going to sell. Would you want to have generic brand candies or those that are overly recognizable? Generic brand candies can save you some money, but keep in mind that branded goods are easy to sell. Good thing is big candy companies sell candy fundraising packs for reasonable prices. Look for them in stores.

2.) Find the stores with the lowest price. You can also look for those that support fundraising efforts. Negotiate wisely and share with them your goal. After some negotiations, there will most likely be a store that can offer you the lowest price possible.

3.) Keep the sales force motivated. Define your sales target and discuss how you intend to reach it. It will also help if you discuss your group and individual goals together. Deepen the commitment by asking the sales team to make a list of prospect buyers.

4.) Locate the perfect spots for selling. It is best to sell anywhere there is a great volume of passerby traffic. Examples are lots near grocery stores and churches.

5.) Make a sales script. This is important because not everybody is a natural salesperson. It will also help cultivate self-confidence among the sellers. The script should not be overly elaborate, though. What is important is that the seller greets the buyer, briefly explains the reason for fundraising, asks for help by buying candies, and thanks the buyer. The seller should smile before and after delivering the script and make an eye contact all throughout the spiel.

6.) Hand out a flyer. This will supply the buyer with all the other important information about the fundraiser.

7.) Offer other merchandise, say a discount card. If the buyer is not interested in candies, at least there’s something else you can offer. Good if he buys both.

8.) Reward the best seller. If reward in kind is not possible, at least make him feel his efforts are well appreciated. A tap in the back speaks a lot and can be an effective motivation. Remember that a motivated seller rakes in more sales.

It is always important to get prepared. Before all of you head out and sell, make sure you know your goals and what you should say. Know your products, so you can offer wise suggestion to your buyers. Be assertive, but not too much that you end up pestering your buyer.

If you carefully follow a plan and work as a team, your candy fundraising will be a success.


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Make Great Profit From Candy Fundraising

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