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Profitable Suggestions for Conducting Fundraising Activities

There are many profitable ideas that are available when conducting fundraising activities. Look for one that does not require a start up capital and will generate the money that your team or group needs. One of the potential activities that you can consider is a bake sale.

Considering a bake sale as a fundraising activity requires little starting capital. You can even come up with a creative idea to make your business more fun. For example, you can come up with unique flavors for your cookies. Likewise, you can introduce treats that are not available in other stores. You can add special flavorings as well so that your friends and family will surely buy your cookies. Here are some suggestions on how you can go about with this activity.

• Be creative with the treats and flavors of your delicacies. Make sure that your friends, neighbors, and family will not resist them.

• Make each member of the fundraising team commit to making and selling a certain number of delicacies.

• Conduct brainstorming sessions with the members of your team so you can come up with new ideas for the bake sale. You can sell your product at a local event or during a holiday so you can make the most out of the activity.

• Determine the right price for your delicacies. Although the activity is intended to raise funds, you need to ensure that your customers will get the best value from your products. Although they can be expected to pay a little for premium, you would not be able to break the bank.

Another easy and great fundraising idea that you can consider is a Spinner's Fundraiser. It does not have any upfront cost but you can look forward to maximizing your profits. It is a unique way of making friends and families donate to your fundraising activity without shelling out a lot of cash.

In a Spinner's Fundraiser, the donor will spin the wheel to determine how much they will donate to your group. In exchange for their donation, the donor will receive discount coupons. This is a win-win situation for both you and the donor. While the supporter can be entitled to discounts in a local restaurant or service provider, your group will generate the money that you need. The spinner is reusable so you can use it as many times as you want. Here are some tips on how you can make Spinner's Fundraiser profitable to your group.

• With a Spinner's Fundraiser, you should encourage every member of your team to make a commitment to generate a certain amount during your activity. Regularly update them with the progress of the activity.

• You can conduct a Spinners Fundraiser and Bake Sale simultaneously for increased profits. You can sell a cookie while having the donor spin and donate as well.

• Set a deadline for the completion of the activity. This helps team members develop a sense of urgency for the members to get the job done. Fundraising for a couple of weeks is sufficient time already.

The economic situation looming in the country need not be a hindrance to a successful fundraising activity. The commitment and dedication of the members of the team can be vital in ensuring that you will have fun and gain profit from conducting fundraising activities.


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