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Support A Cause, Launch A Cancer Fundraising Event

Cancer is such a devastating disease. It deteriorates its victims steadily, and after leaving them in a vegetative state, it eventually sends them to their deathbeds. Researches are still underway to define a probable cure. But while these researches are ongoing, many families all over the world are losing a father, mother, spouse, son, or daughter to cancer. Every day many victims lose their fight. Yet there are others who, though weakened both physically and morally, continue to battle with the disease. And this—the ongoing fight—is what cancer fundraising events are for.

The rise of cancer cases gave birth to the many cancer organizations, which have become the predominant force behind huge cancer fundraising activities. These organizations are dedicated to change the grim picture cancer leaves in their respective communities. They allocate the generated amount to help fund cancer researches, provide patients with proper medical care, advance awareness, and educate more people.

Cancer has always been a heart-gripping issue, which is why any cancer fundraising events end up well received and attended. In fact, there are organizations that hold fundraising activities in many parts of the country almost daily. The breast cancer awareness campaign, which is widely made popular by pink ribbons, is also a national success.

But cancer fundraising is not only limited to big organizations. As an individual, you can also express your personal battle with cancer not only by attending cancer fundraising events, but also by staging your own fundraiser for the benefit of cancer victims that might be living in your circle—a friend, an officemate, a distant relative, or a former boss. Small it may seem, but its impact is as wide and great as any huge and highly publicized fundraising event’s. Cancer requires sophisticated treatments, and perhaps through hosting your own cancer fundraising events, you can extend generous amount of help.

Make your cancer fundraising interesting
You can do a fundraising event as a group or family project. And like any big fundraising event, you need to have active participation from those who believe in your cause. Engage your co-workers, friends, and other family members, and explain for whom you are fundraising. Most people are moved by cancer cases, and it’s very likely for you to gain support.

But because there are already a number of cancer fundraisers, it’s best to launch a new fundraiser idea that can distinguish yours from the others. The challenge is to be unique, but at the same time to be profitable.

You can, for instance, tweak traditional fundraising ideas and incorporate fun and exciting elements. Why not do an art fundraiser? This time, however, replace donated artworks from local artists with framed doodles, sketches, and seemingly abstract drawings of pre-school children. Children artworks are natural magnets, and they can help you reach your target sales easier.

You can also involve the cancer patient. If he writes, sell a booklet of his poems. If he does photography, you can set up a photo gallery. Make use of his talents and hobbies, and think of events in which they can be utilized immensely. Doing so can make the patient feel good about himself and take his mind off his condition, if only for a moment.

In the fight against cancer, no fundraising is small. Each of the cancer fundraising events is significant just by providing the patients hope and a chance to live longer.


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