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The Basics of Fundraising For Small Charities

If you are looking for fundraising for small charities, there are various options that can be considered. Each possesses their own advantages and disadvantages. Here we will look at the pros and cons of each option.
One source of funding that you can consider is government grants. Although they are available in various forms, national or international grants are outside of range of small or newly formed charities. Even for those who have longed established themselves, application for funds is tedious and complicated without a credible fundraiser.

Instead of applying with an international or national fundraiser, consider local or regional organizations. However, a major drawback of this option is called ‘mission drift.’ Usually, organizations tend to organize the projects and programs that will generate the funds not central to its mission. While the projects can be good, it may be risky for a small charity.

You can also generate your funds from large trusts or foundations. While applying with them can also be daunting, many of these agencies offer funding for small projects. With proper training, however, sourcing your funds from these agencies can help generate the money you need for tour project.

In the United States as well as the United Kingdom, small charities generate their funds from generous individuals. They do not only give one time donations but you can make them a regular donor. If you are in luck, there are dedicated donors who will likewise treat your team for dinner, give you movie tickets or other incentives to show their dedication to you.

At first, considering corporate partnerships can be as complicated as government grants, but given the proper strategy, you might be able to tap the help of companies not only financially but also with the requirements for running your organization. For example, you can ask your corporate partners to donate computers to your organization. This way, you do not have to constantly write one application after another.

In addition, you can solicit the help of local companies who might be upgrading their systems. As a result, you could find yourself writing applications and grants on perfectly working computers. In the end, you can be working with your corporate partner for other lucrative projects.

Moreover, another option that you can consider for generating funds for your various projects is income generation. The simplest alternative available to you is available funds. This is especially applicable for private schools and nurseries, which generate their funds through student fees.

Furthermore, another option you can consider for generating income is through selling of goods. Organizations such as Oxfam and Salvation Army derived their funds from auctioning things. However, the advancement of technology has allowed even the smallest charities to benefit from selling their things on Internet stores, such as eBay.

Finally, the best source of funding that you can consider are companies that offer a combination of various resources in order to generate income diversity. By having diverse source of funds, you will not be subjected to any change in one area. This option has not been practiced for more than 25 years.

Regardless of the size of your charitable institution, finding sources of funds will greatly help in organizing your projects. Funding for small charities can be easily generated by working hand in hand with the above mentioned fund generating organizations.


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