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The Benefits of Conducting Dance-A-Thon As Fundraising Activity

There are various activities that can be considered when generating funds for your cause or organization. If you are looking for something different and exciting, organizing a dance-a-thon can be a worthwhile consideration. If you are unsure about how to conduct such kind of activity, here are some tips on how you can go about with this venture.

Unlike majority of other fund raising activities, a dance-a-thon involves the aspect of entertainment in order for you to raise the money for your favorite charity. Aside from the usual procedure needed to get the venture started, you will need a little bit of creativity to ensure that the donors will have a good time while you are generating the money.

Before the venture can proceed, the first thing you have to do is to find a hall for the activity. If your organization has its own building, it will help in reducing the cost. Otherwise, you may have to look for an individual willing to strike a deal with you. The costs for renting the hall should not consume much of your profits. However, if you will only exert a little effort, finding a venue will not be that daunting.

Once you have established the venue for the activity, the next thing to do is set the date and time. Of course, you would have to arrange and confirm this with the owner of the hall. You can distribute fliers and give them to everyone you have in mind. They will your guests during the dance-a-thon so they will have a valuable contribution to your cause. You can invite many people to the event but just make sure that they can be accommodated.

When organizing a dance-a-thon event, make sure that you will provide your guests with cheap refreshments. They will not be staying there all night to watch people dance their night away. Your guests would eventually get tired and recharge their bodies.

In order to ensure that you get your targeted amount of money, invite as many people as possible to the event. Both young and old people alike are potential customers so get as many people as you can. You may want to prepare number tags for each of your couple so it is easier to call them through their numbers. It would be unlikely to recall and call them by their names not unless they are personal acquaintances.

During the actual event, you may want to play a variety of music. A disc jockey or a live band can spice up the event with music. The former is the cheaper alternative than the latter. If you know someone who has band equipments, you can work out some kind of a deal with them.

You may make the night more exciting by providing the ground rules for determining who will stay in the dance floor the longest. The prize money will be equally divided to the winners. However, the price money should not exceed over half of the proceeds generated during the evening. Likewise, you should set a limit for the amount of each bet.

On the average, a dance-a-thon can generate at least $500 worth of income depending on how many people you managed to invite for the people.

Nevertheless, a dance-a-thon can be a worthwhile fundraising activity that you can organize for your organization or cause.


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